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Zakar, the remembering one.
Today…may be birthed in a season of sadness, but do not let it overcome.
Today…the sadness seems like a tsunami of pain, but do not let it destroy all hope.
Today…the hopelessness leaves you empty, but do not let empty be your conclusion.
Today…I must call myself to remember.
Today…I remember.
Today…I remember when I was hungry, and my Lord fed me.
Today…I remember when I was sick, and my Lord healed me.
Today…I remember when I was sad, and my Lord comforted me.
Today…I remember when I was in need, and my Lord was with me in His love.
Today…I remember all that He is.
Today…I remember.

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Comment by Michael Fox on November 13, 2018 at 3:21pm

I remember a time when the day to day burdens seemed like an old friend, my memories were filled with that comfortable feeling, I knew no other way, I found a false peace in that emptiness. I was ok with misery and despair, I guess because it was all I knew or expected, I lived in fear, not of life but after, in the far reaches of my distorted reality I just knew I would be judged and I would accept my punishment without complaints, I found it easy to not remember and I found it even easier to surround myself with false memories that would justify my behavior,  . My point to  all of this is that I didn’t have good memories to pull from, I didn’t have a memory of comfort when I needed it , I didn’t have a memory of love. when I felt so lonely, I didn’t have a memory of strength when I knew I was so weak, my Zakar was broken, or tuned into the wrong station,,, I created a world void of our Fathers love and help,,, I know this because I see who I used to be, I realize I was never really alone,  I believe and have faith now in the memories of our Lord and Savior, I know  now that  Gods got this and me, when I struggle now , it is not in vain, it is an opportunity to grow and learn, it is an opportunity to remember how awesome my Heavenly Father is, it is an opportunity to boldly go where I have never been before, my memories tell me it’s ok now, no matter what the outcome is, it’s ok, I walk in faith now and I remember all the blessings that the Lord has given me, I remember the unending mercy and grace that my Father has given me, I remember now , I remember, I love you papa and I trust you, and I am blessed beyond measure to have your love written to my heart and in my deepest memories, I walk without fear now and it’s because everyday I remember who you are to me , God, thank you


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