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Dear HOP Army,
We need a move: a move of God that cannot be mistaken! Elisha was a man of God who was on the move. He represented the move of God before many people. People like the Shunamite woman who was living in a little unknown town and was always looking closely to see if Elisha was coming in the distance. She was watching and expecting him to come by at any time.
Could we come tonight with this same expectancy? Why else would we come together if this is not what we are expecting? The Shumanite woman’s little, unknown town was between Carmel and Samaria. I’m sure no one ever noticed this unknown place, but the Shunamite woman was there waiting and watching all the time.
Sometimes we think we are being forgotten by God out here in the middle of nowhere; but it was the attitude of the Shunamite woman that made the difference, not where she lived. She felt the presence of God as Elisha would journey by her house. And one day, she convinced her husband that they needed to invite Elisha to visit their home. Understand, though, she was never quite sure when Elisha would be coming by, so she continually had to be watching for his coming. Just like her, we must invite the presence of God into our hearts, homes, and churches and be watching for Him to come.
Come tonight as we will be watching, yes watching for our very own visitation of the Lord coming by to visit with us. As you are preparing for tonight, listen to this video and come expecting!
If you will not be able to come and join us tonight at New Life Church at 7 pm, you can watch via live streaming at .

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Comment by Michael Fox on July 24, 2019 at 11:00am
I am so ready and willing to lay it all down at the foot of the cross. I am solely responsible for my personal experience with God. Only I can stop a movement of God in my life by rejecting his goodness. I will not be that obstacle or that wall that keeps me from our Father. God is so good, he doesn’t want us to be guarded in his presence. Rest in his peace, have faith in his grace and mercy. Never ever stop seeking. God is with us. Come expecting, not wondering if. Come excited and expecting. Gods presence is here, he is in front, behind and beside us, he is the air we breathe. Jesus came to save us all,, don’t let his sacrifice be in vain. Don’t be satisfied with a little Jesus,, let your heart demand nothing less than complete surrender. Let Jesus be the reason for your season. Expect nothing less than every promise made to us, God is so good. Be that person waiting, filled with excitement. Thank you Jesus for helping me realize that I am enough,, I may not be perfect,, I may feel unqualified,, I may fall short time and time again but I am enough with Christ in me. Rejoice and sing his praises. Love you Father, thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit you are my best friend and I love you so much,, I am waiting, please grant me ears to hear your word and eyes to see your many wonders.


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