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Matthew 11:7-10 tells us about the ministry and character of John the Baptist.  The question is asked to the people following John, What did you come out to see?  The Lord Jesus was pointing out that we all come with certain expectations to any ministry.  Our expectations are normally shaped by our personality and perspective of things.  Sadly in the body we seem to only be able to receive from those of like personality and perspective as we are.  We know that God places people in the body as it pleases Him, but we seem to block and even devalue others who are not like we are.  When John the Baptist began his ministry it was apparent that he was unlike any that had come before him except for Elijah.  I believe that the times and seasons that we live in dictate the personality of ministry that God breathes out to the earth. 

I believe that we are living in the same kind of season and time as John the Baptist lived in.  His message was one of repentance for the kingdom was at hand.  I believe that call of today is much the same.  We need to prepare for we are about to meet God.   Consider what was said by the Lord when He asked, "What did you come out to see." 

1.  A reed shaken by the wind?

This question points out that we must move past the compromise of engaging with every wind or form that blows by our way.  There are many expressions in the body and we should love them all, however this is the time to get focused on what the Lord is doing and change our plans to line up with the Lords, plan.

Was the expectation of the people who come to hear John that he would approve of everyone, or that John would be one of compromise?  Today is the day and now is the time to declare the word of Lord without compromise.


2.  A man clothed in soft raiment?

Were they expecting to see someone dressed with the eloquence of a professional?  We know that John did not dress in the fashion of those fitting for the kings house.  How often do we open up only to those who look like we think they should look as would be fitting for someone carrying the message.  Thank God he does not look on what we wear but what is in our heart.  Jesus was pointing out that John did not fit the personality that the people thought he should be.


3.  A prophet?

Jesus declared that John was more than a prophet.  He was a prophet that carried an elevated mission and character than what had been before.  His prophecies was to prepare the way before thee.  This I believe is the time we are living in now.  God is thundering with His voice from heaven saying, "Prepare to meet thy God."  Our voice must be raised to declare this message.  This message is the only way that we can prepare the way for rivers of revival to flow through the people of God in these days we live in.

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Comment by Tim Parsons on February 1, 2012 at 4:26pm

That's good stuff.........GOOD FOOD.......


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