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Allen,this is what I saw: And I saw in the Spirit,and I heard the Lord,the Father of glory saying, Look now and see the hand of your God,and I looked and I saw a hand reaching into the heavens,it seemed vast and full of stars,but His hand pierced the space and pulled to the right and a great veil was being pulled open and I saw the dark space and the stars,they parted and I saw great light,light blues and pure white replacing the black, clearer than any I have ever seen,streaming from the left to the right multi colors moving as if to sound,flowing,moving in unison. And the Spirit said it is the Fathers heart to give His son's and daughter's the kingdom. For He is pulling back the veil that has separated , He is revealing His heart,opening a demention to those who will come and take their place,the place He ordained from the beginning,for as the son's of Isacar new,so shall this generation know says the Lord. For I am releasing the wind,the breath,the light,the fire,the water of my presence from my heart,my throne to you. For the wondering is over,"I said Lord wondering " He said as you look at the night and the stars,is how you are,,,But know I am releasing and it will be as if you are dreaming,,the presence of My Spirit unveiling my presence,as never before. But I am releasing it now,for it is time,,for I have heard the crying of my children,,it rises before me continuously. Now is the time! My son sound the alarm,tell them,For rivers of my love is running through them. Eyes opened wide,they will see,,with there Ears opened they will hear,with there hearts,understanding ,they will move,like the colors,,dancing,For as it was,so shall it be be agin,,Tell them! For I am telling you now,for with eyes open you will see my love like never before. But now I am releasing the former and the latter,"Adam saw it,Moses saw it Elijah saw it,John it,Paul saw it,But now my body,My son's and my daughter's will see together as one. For Zion is crying out with a loud cry,,A sound of rejoicing,Of dancing,A sound of great praise,,for the Earth is, and now heaven,now heaven,, look up,,look down and see,,,It will be as if you are walking in an open vision behold ing my presence,moving as one with Me.

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