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Today in a vision I saw 3 benches that were set up in a half moon up against a wall.

Three middle eastern men walked in dressed in white robes with the traditional middle eastern head dress.The 3 men sat on the 3 benches.
I then started seeing people from different eras in history from all over the world. I recognized different faces but I could not recall the the names. The only name I could recall is Mark Twain.

I then saw a large black curtain, then saw what looked like a throwing star and each of the points had a curved blade. The curtain was then cut down the middle with the star like knife.

Once the curtain was cut in half, there was a wooden wall that was curved with shelves. The wooden wall looked hand crafted. On each shelf was a gold platter.
I then saw an open door, as I was approaching the door I could see streams of light moving back and forth on the other side of the door. The light was moving so fast I couldn't see what it was. Once I got to the door I looked and everything was still. It looked like streams of light in different colors but it was not in motion.

I saw a pool of water and an Angel stirring the water.

When I saw the curtain torn I felt the Lord say that what is hidden in darkness will be brought to the light.
I feel like the open door means that the Lord is starting to make easier to walk into spiritual realm.
I believe the next move of the spirit is going to be nameless and faceless. This move is going to be focused on God and his ways and not on man.

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