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We have heard it said that time is eternity's child. It is the offspring of the eternal design. God is not defined by time, neither are miracles. Faith is what breaks the time barrier. Time is a created thing.

Heaven is drawing nearer to earth, as the return of our Lord draws nearer. We are nearing the consumation of time. Scientists have made some extrememly interesting and important discoveries concerning time. They have proven that the speed of light is slowing down. Eternity is invading what is called time, and His eternal Kingdom is displacing time, as these two worlds collide.

The earth has been set in time, but we were created for the eternal. Our circumstances, trials, and events in life, are all a product of time. It is time to reach by faith beyond time and limits, entering the very Presence of God, and live in the eternal realm that was before all time. This is what He is unvieling, revealing, and drawing us to. Faith is the currency used to live in eternity, and His Word was before all time.

Faith is important because it operates out of truth, not fact. It may be a fact that you have an illness. But faith goes beyond that fact into the truth, that by His stripes we are healed. We have based so much of our life in the realm of our senses.

The changes that God is bringing, is usually hard for many to accept, or even more, embrace. But we know that nothing in the unseen realm is going to remain unseen. The promise of Eph. 3:20 is my prayer..Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us!

Have you noticed, when "caught up in His Glory" that time seems to vanish? Hours seem like minutes? Eternity is not bound by time. Let us by faith, step out of time, and enter the eternal realm of His Presence. Entering into and appropriating His truths, and not living by what we see or even "facts."

Just going back to where we came from. Our Eternal Father and Creator, and being found in Him in every way that we can now possibly imagine.

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Comment by James Ronald Ross on May 12, 2011 at 10:37pm
Great word sister Jill-such a blessing to have Papa's perspective of what is true and real for all eternity...thanks for sharing...


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