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Thousands attend Bloemfontein prayer service for SA’s future

Thousands attend Bloemfontein prayer service for SA’s future

“Faith like Potatoes” preacher Angus Buchan’s It’s Time prayer service has seen thousands of South Africans flock to Bloemfontein.

The prayer service‚ which was meant to begin at 2pm today‚ kicked off late this afternoon as organisers waited for hundreds who were stuck in traffic on the way to the massive event.

“We are tired of people taking the law into their own hands.  We are going to call upon The Lord to bring justice‚ peace and hope to our beloved South Africa‚” Buchan said in a statement on his website.

Buchan is well known for his television sermons and the popular move‚ Faith like Potatoes‚ based on his book by the same title.

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Some people travelled from as far as Cape Town to attend. Thousands are expected to camp overnight.

The Intercape bus company also provided transport to those travelling from the Western Cape and other parts of the country.

In a statement the bus company said it had arranged 29 coaches for the event – 24 from Cape Town‚ with others coming from Upington and Pretoria.

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