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Kingdom Prophetic Society

For God has heard the prayers of millions of his people, calling for His divine intervention. God will answer the petition of the righteous, and the result will be, the overthrow of those who have sought Godlessness. A standard has been raised to mark the turn of the battle.
Those who have been the purveyors of hate and division, will now reap the very division and destruction that they have worked to bring into the lives of those that they oppose.
This will now be their portion.
Political systems that have been in place will soon be divided. Their words will be their demise and their hate will be their destruction. They will turn on one another out of frustration and fear. The extreme political party will fracture and multiple parties will emerge. The aggressive liberal, ever shifting moderate and silent conservative voices of a single party will war against one another.
Institutions that have declared that they are immovable and have seen them self as untouchable, will now be exposed. They will stand shamefaced in front of those that they have attacked. They will reap unhidden and in plain view that which they desired in secret for others.
They will seek to cover their deception, but not only the deception be revealed but the attempts to cover their deeds will be revealed as well. The purveyors of lies in our culture, those who have stood in the face of the public with intent to deceive, will now lose their voice. Their ability to influence with their destructive tone and rhetoric will quickly pass.
Those who have prayerfully stood in the background and held their words, will now be embolden to speak out with clarity. They will without fear declare the strengthening and unification of this nation. The emboldened voice of the passive righteous will now carry an expanded affect. Out of the spirit of love they will call those things down which are destructive. They will readily see God move on their behalf.
It is not yet the time to declare the end of all things, but it is a time that good men should rise up and follow the direction given to them in their spirit. Those things which have been tried in the past, that then had little or no impact, will now be tried again. The results will be that Gods hand, and his desire, and his voice will be distinctly heard in a land where men have tried to silence it.
The world will stand amazed.

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