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The Love of Money-the root of all (kinds) of Evil

A portion of an excellent converstation concerning Kingdom principles occurring on KPS involves the idea of the effect greed has on the functioning of the Kingdom of God in the earth.

My simple assertion is that the same scale should be used to weigh democrat, republican, wealthy, or poor and that the principles taught to us by Jesus that enable a righteous judgement to be made be universaly applied without prejudice.

Since in many minds politics and religion have become intertwined with political power being understood as a force to implement and enforce Kingdom of God 'rules' on a societal level I thought it would be interesting to engage in a conversation about this.

This article may be a good starting point.

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Comment by Philip Wiliams on September 22, 2012 at 5:01pm

God and money. Since Jesus declared that love of either is incompatible with the other, it might be good to compare and contrast them.They are similar in that each can provide us many things: enjoyment, security, friends. God can heal, but money can obtain the best doctors and care. They are different in that we can control our money, but we can't control God. Just as obtaining and holding on to money causes us to have many conflicts with God due to what that might require, God creates a conflict with our money: c.f. the rich young ruler. 

Was Jesus telling the truth when he said: if we love one, we will hate the other? Does loving money really mean hating God? There are prosperity teachers who disagree. Does loving God, mean hating money?? I do have to say that I hate to deal with money issues. I like Alan Smith's idea of a fair price, where there is no aim to try to obtain maximum profit. That is a rare view, but it may be the narrow way,

Comment by David Saunders on September 22, 2012 at 12:30pm

and in the interest of being "fair & balanced."

Even though that often means not calling liars liars-here is an article about President Obama.


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