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The Kite
By: Alan Smith

Life with no direction: have you ever been there?  You know, just blowing in the wind.  Just letting the cares of life take you where they may.  You don’t really care where you have been or where you are going. You are just floating along life’s journey with seemingly no purpose or direction.  Are you giving up?  Do you not care?  Well, I care and God cares.  You also need to care.  I have written a little parable that will perhaps help us with this “just blowing in the wind” mentality.  Open your mind and your heart.


“Parable of the Kite with no Tail”

It is springtime.  The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and the grass is green.  All of the colors of spring are very bright.  Everything is growing and coming to life.  The excitement of new life fills the air, as we smell the fragrance of a new day dawning.  Old things are passed away and all of creation is coming into newness.  The wind is blowing and it reminds me of flying a kite.  Why don’t we stop and read about the “children” as they learned to fly their kite.

Isaiah 40:31: But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (NIV)


The "children" were in the meadow flying a kite.  It was obvious that they were on a great adventure; but they were not having very good success with their kite.  The kite would go up in the air fast, and then go side to side as if to say, "I will go where I please."  The kite did not have any particular direction in which to go.  It just knew that it wanted to go somewhere without anyone controlling it.  Only the resistance of the string would hold the kite down.  The kite was so fighting the resistance that it would go around and around until it would crash to the ground.  The children would launch the kite again, only to repeat the same events of the day.

Suddenly, there appeared an old man: a grandfather of the children.  He sat with them and taught them about the laws of the wind and told them that their lives were like a kite.  He told them how the wind was created for their good; how his Father enjoyed blowing onto the ground with his breath, making it possible for things of the earth to soar.  He told them that God created them to fly and soar in life just as the kite.  He shared with them that it took three things for the kite to soar.  The first thing was wind, the second thing was a tail for their kite, and the third thing was resistance.

The grandfather first addressed the wind.  He said to them, “The wind represents the Holy Spirit of God.  When He blows into your life, you have the power to soar.  Without the wind the kite cannot leave the ground.  Its power must come from another, for the kite has none of its own.  The wind of the Spirit is always in unity with the Words of God.”


Next, the grandfather addressed the tail of the kite.  He told the children that their kite did not have a tail, and they asked him why it needed a tail.  He shared with them that the kite needed direction for its journey.  He told them that without a tail the kite could not go very high and that it would crash to the ground every time.  He said that the tail felt like a weight to the kite, but in fact, the tail gave the kite direction.  He said that the tail of the kite would not let the kite go astray when it was attached to the kite.  He then told them that the tail was "the Word" for them that day.  He said that it was very important for them to hear "the Word"; for it was “the Word" that would give them direction to fly higher in this new season and not crash to the ground.

As he shared, he looked to the ground and saw the tail of the kite lying there.  The grandfather asked them why the tail was there.  The "children" said that the tail kept getting tangled in the string and they thought that it could fly better without it.  It appeared to be in the way.  The grandfather took an old Bible out of his pocket.  He tore the pages out of it and tied them to the kite’s tail.  The old man taught them that the kite represented their lives.  He told them that life was a great adventure through which everyone would fly.  They would want to fly high and fast so they could see everything.  They would want to go where they wanted to, anytime they wanted to.  However, without the Word of God to give them direction, they would only fall to the ground.


The last understanding the grandfather addressed with the “children” was resistance.  When they resist the Devil, which is a negative force, then the wind, the Spirit of God, which is a positive force, would blow against them.  He told them that without resistance the kite would not have a "negative" from which to trust unto a "positive".  When the kite agreed with the resistance and used it for its good, it would take a negative resistance and "transform" it into the power that would cause the kite to go higher.  He then told the children what his heavenly Father had told him.

Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (KJV)
After sharing with them, the grandfather told them it was time to go home and they could come again another day.


When the Word of God is attached to our lives, it is then that we have direction.  This will cause us to soar higher and higher in life.  When we soar higher we can begin to see things as God sees them.


What truly supports the fabric of a kite?  It is the cross that is behind it.  Open the fabric of your heart today because the cross of Christ is supporting you.  The fabric cannot support itself.  Let the wind of the Spirit of God blow against you.  Take the Word of God and let it give you direction for this new season.  When resistance comes, remember that it is necessary for you to go to higher places than you have ever been before.  Do not despise the resistance as it can be used for your good.  It’s your choice.  Choose this day to believe God.  He will take you on a journey that is unbelievable!




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