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Comment by Michael Fox on November 12, 2018 at 12:07pm

Lord Jesus, I know that there is not one step I have ever taken that you were not there to guide me or catch me, even for 46 years , when I didn’t call upon you, when I didn’t remember your love, when I didn’t have faith, you were always there, Lord Jesus I repent for the times I didn’t believe, Father,,, that’s not the case anymore, I walk by faith now, not by sight,,, Father,,,, I trust you,,,, I’m ready to jump for so many different reasons now,,, I’m ready to jump cause your enough Father, I’m ready to jump because I feel the love you so freely give,,, Father I’m ready to jump because I know that you will never give me anything I can’t handle,, I’m ready to jump because I know you have mine and all your children’s best interest at heart,,, there is never any fear in you Lord,,, never any doubts,, I’m ready to jump, I’m ready to step into my unknown because there is not one place you haven’t been, not one place that your not already there waiting on me,,, I’m ready to jump as far and as high as you call me to do,,, I seek you Father, I faithfully and lovingly jump with you and for you,,, I pray these things in Jesus name, amen

Comment by Efren Godinez on November 12, 2018 at 9:16am

Incredible. If you would see my writings, perhaps you would think, we both were eavesdropping on each other.

That is why Allen, I refer to you as my spiritual twin. You will see why.

Many have fallen in the depth of fear, doubt and unbelief. And never take the leap of Faith!


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