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The Four Winds, Musical Notes from Heaven Chapter 2 By: Alan Smith

The Four Winds,

Musical Notes from Heaven

Chapter 2

By: Alan Smith


As I looked around, I saw more notes coming from the heavens.  I could see them, though very small, coming in droves.  Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions; it began to look like multiple trillions of notes emerging from the heavens.  Their colors were almost blinding as their lights shown against the black background of the heavens.  The blues were so blue and the reds were intensifying as the notes approached the earth.  All of the multiple colors of the notes were unbelievably brilliant as they raced to their final destinations.  All of a sudden, as I gazed into the heavens, I saw a great hoard of “angels”, dressed as if ready for battle.  They projected a vibration of life from their countenance that resonated in my spirit.  I felt such peace and love as I gazed upon this vast army in the heavens.  What a feeling; what a sight to behold!


I then began to notice all around the angels, silhouettes of other spiritual beings.  The “silhouettes” were also creating sounds; but they had no notes coming from them, only a vibration and the smell of something bitter.  These smells could not travel very fast at all, but instead, caught the spiritual draft that was created by the “wings of fire” as they traveled toward the earth.  All of the sounds from the “silhouettes” were dissonant and out of harmony.  Their vibrations were chaotic and out of rhythm.  They ran into each other and bounced around, seeming to have no direction at all.  They could barely organize themselves; only enough to create this awful smell of dissonant disunity.  I noticed the “silhouettes” had an intoxicating effect on my spiritual eyes as I continued to focus on them.  For some unidentified reason, I was drawn to them even though the smell was almost unbearable.   Their independence touched something deep within.  They sent me a vibration that caused me to feel puffed up, but also very empty.  The more I focused on them, the more of them I could see and smell.  The image of the angels was beginning to fade as the “silhouettes” captured my attention.  I knew I was being sucked into a darkness where there were no notes being created.  I began to cry out to the heavens with a loud voice, “Fill me; fill me once again with the notes from heaven.  Please fill me oh God, with Your sound, so I may see Your heavenly host and feel Your presence.”


I heard “the voice” from behind me once again as He said, “Open your mouth and let the wings of fire come.  Open wide my friend; open wide and breathe deeply once again.  Hurry, hurry for there isn’t much time.”  I opened my mouth and began to take a deep breath.  I inhaled until I thought I was going to burst.  Once I started the breathing process, the wind then took over the project of my “being filled”.  “More wind, more wind,” I could hear the voice say.  “Fill him; fill him once again.”  I could not see them, but could sense the notes entering my mouth by the droves.


All of a sudden, I began to float again.  “There they are,” I said with much joy.  First I saw the notes and then I saw the angels.  I saw them materializing again right before my eyes.  The angels and notes were there all the time, I only needed eyes to see and ears to hear.  As I focused on the vast army, it began to capture my attention.  The sounds drew me closer and closer to the angels, for I knew that was the place from where these sounds were coming.  As I drew closer, the notes were coming from everywhere: from the north, south, east, and west, notes and more notes were headed toward the earth.  I could not believe what I was seeing, so many notes and so many colors.  There was a reflection of light that began to shine from the angels.  The angels had armor of gold and silver with designs of passed victories stamped within them.  In their right hand they had a sword and in the left hand a shield.  The shield was the most unusual thing I had ever seen.  Stamped within these shields were musical instruments such as the harp, cymbals, bow instruments, and the flute.  I then saw the vast army of angels raising their swords.  I also saw musical instruments etched on the blade and handle of this mighty weapon of warfare.


As their swords were raised, I saw treble clef notes emerge from their tips in bursts of light.  These notes were red and blue in color: just red and blue.  They alternated: first the red and then two blue.  Over and over they emerged.  The red ones grew the “wings of fire”.  As these wings grew, they went faster and faster.  I then noticed that the red ones caught the blue ones by the hand.  A red one was in the middle of two blue ones as they made their way toward earth.  The sounds they made pierced my ears.  They pierced through the heavens, dividing the spiritual winds.  They divided the winds of darkness from the winds of light, and the colors of the notes of the treble clef intensified as the winds of light penetrated each one of them.


I then heard a voice from behind me say, “This is the second wind and it is greater than the first.”  Suddenly, the angels lowered their swords and looked at their shields.  They took their swords and began to hit their shields like striking a cymbal.  As their shields were struck, bass clef notes emerged from the realm around the shield.  Their sounds were lower than the notes of the sword, but they were released by the sword just the same. These notes created a cadence in the heavens, which was a vibration, and this cadence completed the banner of the “symphony of praise”.  These banners were placed on top of some of the notes as they passed by the angels; and they waved in the winds as the notes practiced their flying lessons.  At first I saw a single note with a banner attached, and then there were two and even three notes attaching themselves to one banner.  “Practice, practice”, I heard the angels say to the notes.  “You have only a few minutes until you begin your journey to the earth.”  As the notes practiced, they became brighter and brighter, reflecting this glorious multicolored light of life.  Then I heard a tinkling cymbal in the background begin to ring out over all the other sounds.  It was a simple sound, but one with much authority.  The voice from behind then said, “The announcement is about to be made.”  “What announcement?” I wondered.  “The trumpets are here! The trumpets are here,” I heard the angels say.  “Hurry, hurry everyone, for the notes of the “symphony of praise” are being commissioned.”

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Comment by Dr. James M. Schafer on August 20, 2012 at 7:11pm
The Four Winds reminded me of the opportunity and admonition to be filled with His Spirit. Fill us Lord and we will get it...
Comment by David Saunders on August 19, 2012 at 8:29pm

and Amen.  May we all dwell in unity and walk in agreement that we would be as Trumpets, our proclamations as notes.

Comment by James Ronald Ross on August 19, 2012 at 3:29pm
Glory! Yes, come, oh, please come! We are desperate for the sounds of the ages! Please, help us discern the dissonance!


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