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Signs and Wonders in the skies over Pine Ridge Rez, Sdakota

Pine Ridge Reservation, Home of the Oglala Sioux, S Dakota,  10-10-10 
As I set out to pick up Chad Taylor from the Casino on Friday night, the rain began to fall, becoming a torrent within minutes.  The usual 20 mile trip became a battle as I came to the  6 mile stretch of construction, now a mud bath, deep ruts, the cars ahead of me sliding, spinning in deep ruts, my own car dragging bottom as I continued.
     I had already spent the day with the usual preparations for these special meetings, including frantically searching for a sound system for the evening.  Finding at least three, only to be disappointed that we could not use them for various reasons.  Now as I left this situation in very competent hands, believing God to produce the needed system, I was fighting to keep on schedule and bring Chad back to the Center for the evening’s meeting.
    Then,  as Chad and I stepped out from Casino-hotel  entrance, the sky released a spectacle of such beauty, it took our breath away.  We were speechless, looking at each other and then back , amazed!  The previous black clouds of the storm which I had just passed thru were now on fire .. The sky from west to east became ’blood red’, the clouds billowing with such brightness, deep red, radiating throughout the heavens.  A huge rainbow to the eastern sky stood straight up and down, no curvature!  It was too awesome to  move, we could only comprehend with a ’holy hush’.  Then it quickly dispersed.  We knew it was a ’sign in the Heavens’.  The storm was a manifestation of heavenly warfare.  The sight was God’s message of His victory.  Thirty miles to the east, our team members were seeing the same scene.   One hundred twenty five miles to the west, another team member was taking pictures of even the same.  .. For 160 miles across the skies was a majestic scene of blood-red radiance splashing against the horizon of billowing clouds , with a huge rainbow standing straight up and down.
‘Signs and Wonders in the skies’.
    We began the trip back.  The foreboding clouds drenched the miles of construction open dirt highway, trapping cars in the narrow pathway and refusing to release them.  In unfamiliar country we sought  for a return route, adding another 17 miles over muddy back roads  to our 20 mile trip and arriving more than an hour late.
     The worship began on a small cd player, totally inadequate for the room large enough for 250 people .. But our worship leader began, and we pressed in.  Then our friend began to release the sound of her drum .. The atmosphere stirred, and the Heavens opened.  There was no longer the need for a ‘sound system’ or a keyboard player for backup .. The Presence of the Lord engulfed us and permeated our soul, our thoughts, and the prophetic now became destiny and the activity of the moment.
     By Saturday evening, we welcomed more than a dozen of our ‘host’ people, coming from the streets of White Clay, … such freedom in that place, no walls separating us from them, no schedules, no agendas .. Just Jesus!!!
     Pastor  Tel later testified that as he took several back to the streets of White Clay, they proclaimed “All of my pain has left!”
     Several testified “It’s been years since I went to church.”  The next day they anticipated our arrival back on the streets.
     On Sunday afternoon, over 20 First Nations Sioux from the streets of White Clay came, worshipping, dancing, singing, raising banners ..One guest came in with a very noticeable ‘swagger’ and passed out while talking with a pastor.  When the worship was in in ‘high places ‘ , this person jumped up and began to ‘dance as David danced, shouting ‘Jesus! Jesus!” .   What an expression of ‘dancing in the Spirit’.  He never bumped into nearby worshippers, supporting  poles in the middle of the floor, or nor touched the walls for support.   An agape feast of open heavens  from the pure release and freedom  of worship.
     God is hovering over  the Reservations of our Nation for  Revival.

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Comment by Theresa McNeal on February 9, 2011 at 10:29am

Halleluiah!!  This is awesome.  I feel like I was THERE!!  Amazing, amazing!! 


Comment by James Ronald Ross on February 4, 2011 at 10:37am
that is so wonderful!


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