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Revival where?

written by Michael McBane

This will not be popular because some have relocated and postured themselves for something big. Before I go to far, please I am not a wet blanket but I listen and observe to see if there are missing links and I feel I have found some.

I am about to offer you something bigger.

First, prayer real prayer meaning you are in agreement with heaven must be the threads that weave our daily bread. How do we do this, you dwell in the word and do that while dwelling in peace with God. Meaning to abide with Him. And then your prayer grows out of that garden. In a way it is the fiber of life but prayer is not simply talking it is listening. In fact it is listening before talking. This is a missing ingredient to the daily walk of most of Christianity because we can not be still. Yes be still and know that He is God. I am not saying that we should not tarry but let us be in concert with the Holy Spirit. Prayer is not something you go to or do at a place. There are seasons of prayer that have particulars. But in reality prayer is the constant, the divine exchange that enables and facilitates something unexpected. In the morning I sat before the Lord and lived my day in anticipation of His appearing.

We need to know what the heart of God is and fuse with that. But many Christians refuse to integrate into the heart of God like this because it will narrow the road they walk on. To pray with God and not at Him requires that you are willing to leave it all behind and follow Him. Only here in this place can God challenge our heart. We must be stripped of what we know and have been to let God dress us in garments that reveal Him with a constant. In other words garments that allow the Holy Spirit to remain as it did upon Christ. To say we want revival we must be reformed to be reformed we must be dwellers in His rest to be dwellers in His rest we must let go to let go we must really allow God to love us. We must step away from what we know in such a determined way that we allow the residue to wash away from the river of God were we have left our old man and at His command step into the clear waters of renewed faith. A faith that is not based on doing or serving or accomplishing something it is based only on relationship. Our relationship to God. We are taken by Jesus to the Father who says sit on His lap and hear Him. Here He will impart to you something you have not known but yearn for. And the Holy Spirit begins to brood over you as you are being loved. And you realize you have never been here before. And everything changes.

Never been here before?? I feel I am pretty safe in saying this because that is what I have heard from the Lord. We have not stopped long enough to be loved.

Jesus invites us to abide and to rest. I take these words at face value and ask that you consider them in that way.

Point two: Many have said and are saying again that the awakening of revival is at hand. But it will begin here or it will begin there. I have read recently that the north east will be the start of the next revival and I also heard that Denver might be and some say Hollywood. Maybe all or none of these but may God have His way. But when I have read these statements and the spin around these declarative statements, which include renewed conferences etc. and all I have been troubled within my spirit. Let me share why. Many say we are not ready for the harvest and this is true but if revival comes without the framework of what I will now share I tell you that our man made containers will only allow a short term harvest. But if we take what I share and integrate this with in selfless community built around relational hope and encouragement we may be better equipped to gather the harvest God is sending.

I hear this in my spirit. Why must a revival begin in a particular place? Is not Christ within each follower of Christ? Does not a great mystery burn within you, the very essence of who we know God to be is in us? Why is not revival breaking out around each believer? God has given to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, all hope and all power. We have the gift of faith if we use it it will increase. If this is true then is it God who has squandered His life? I say we must look in the mirror and ask, do I see Christ? Is there a glimmer of God in these eyes. We all must be carriers of revival and our shadows then would cast God over humanity.

We have not been to the feet of Jesus as children who understand His love. If we did we would not look to far off places for the awakening of God. His alarm would be shaking us from our slumber and we would demand more of ourselves. We would stop making excuse and building our our idols of ministry that do not reflect God for much more then brief seasons. We must ask can we bear fruit for seasons not a season but seasons, if we have not allowed God to prune us?

I do not want a glimmer of Christ I want the life of Christ to be as big as it was meant to be. From the beginning of time God said, I will create you to dwell with Me so you can cultivate the love of the Trinity with us. How do you feel about this? Father, I can help? Yes. Abide in me as I am in you.

I am a son of God... a son of God. You may be a daughter of God or a son but today He is saying. I want to take you to a different place please do not run away and hear about me from someone else when I want to tell you who I am.

Do you believe this?

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Comment by David Saunders on September 26, 2012 at 10:47am

An apple of gold in a setting of silver. Well said & Amen!

Forget the Joshua generation proclamations & "take the city (county, state, country) for Jesus and take ourselves for Jesus-or better said let Jesus take us.

Thank you


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