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This is gleaned from Duncan Campbell's perspective on The Herbides Islands God Outpouring in the 1940's. As we are presently encountering "similar" encounters with God, it will serve us well to glean wisdom from those who have blazed the trail for us. Although these reports are unique to that encounter with our Almighty Heavenly Father; they can provide wise footprints for us to follow at present.

God continues to pour His extravagant love and grace out in our midst here at New Life in Taylorsville, NC. We are yet anticipating and watching by faith to experience the fullness of what you read below! I am believing the same for you!

"Then further, might I say, what I mean by revival. There are some dear people who speak of a special effort as revival. You're having a crusade, or a campaign; you're having some special meetings, and speak about 'having revival meetings'. My dear folks: that is not revival. The difference between a good and a successful campaign from the point of view of many making decisions, and revival, lies in this fact: In revival God moves in the district, and suddenly the community becomes God conscious. An awareness of God, the fear of God, grips men and women in such a way that now and again work has to be given up, people give themselves to waiting upon God.

I want to read to you a short extract from a report given by the Parish Minister of Barvas. This is what he said,

'The Spirit of the Lord was resting wondrously and graciously on the different townships in the parish. You could feel His Presence in the homes of the people, on meadow and moor land, and even on the public roads'.

This awareness of God to me is the supreme characteristic, the supreme feature of a God sent revival. It'll interest you to know that of the hundreds who found Jesus Christ at that time, seventy five percent of them were gloriously saved before they came near a meeting, before they heard a single sermon from myself or from any other minister in the parish. The Power of God was moving, the Spirit of God in operation, and the fear of God gripping the souls of men. That is a God sent revival, as distinct from special efforts, in the field of evangelism." Duncan Campbell on Herbides Outpouring

Embracing what God is Doing, Ron Ross


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