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Preserving the Word of God, Dr Rusty Maisel - video presentation

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Dr. F.J. (Rusty) Maisel will be presenting a First Edition King James Bible in Exhibit at New Life Church @ 9:30 am until 10:20 am. 7-30-17 tomorrow morning.

An original, first printing of the King James Bible will be featured  as part of a museum exhibit showing the history of the Bible. Called, “The Great He Bible,” it is a true first edition of the best selling book, of all time.

Numerous other ancient and rare, authentic biblical artifacts will be shown in the exhibit, entitled, “God Has Protected His Word.” An actual page from the first book printed with movable type, the 1450 Gutenberg Bible, will be on view. Manuscripts in Hebrew, Greek, Ethioptic and Latin, including, early Christian papyrus (A.D. 250-450), and a complete Jewish Torah will be available for examination.

“Steps in the story,” leaves from the actual biblical publications by the reformers, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Rogers, Miles Coverdale and John Calvin will be exhibited as well as leaves from the first Bibles produced by the English Catholic exiles at Rheims and Douay.

“Often, scholars do not know the basic story of how we got the Bible,”

said exhibit curator, Dr. F.J. (Rusty) Maisel. “But, seeing it here, laid out and explained as a simple narrative, has helped many people to gain a better understanding of the book they have been reading for years. They say, what they've learned, also, helps them respond when friends ask about the Scriptures.”

A recognized authority on the authentication of rare Bibles, Maisel says, for most of his life he has had questions about “The Book.” His search for answers has led to over twenty-five years of studying and collecting original documents throughout America, Europe and Israel. He states, “

The Bible, itself, tells us that God will preserve his Word. To say, I believe that, is still an expression of faith. But the years I've experienced, investigating that subject, have only strengthened my belief in the validity of the Scriptural texts.

The complete display will be open to the public . Dr. Maisel, the exhibit curator, will be there to answer questions and will give a presentation about the documents.

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