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Preach Jesus with your life and use words only if your life fails to communicate it.


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Comment by Sharon G Pittman on April 2, 2013 at 5:11am

The paradox of this truthful expression is that the disciple in whom Christ is incarnate releases such a spirit of revelation when he/she speaks or teaches that the Holy Spirit collides within the spirit of  those who hear the  speaker's words. The communion of HIS words revealing the truth being taught through communion with the teacher's words create a combustible force, a fire, or a witness of truth. That truth, when spoken as words, can penetrate error and create life-changing paradigms in thinking. New relational patterns of communion with the Trinity can begin to develop. Words spoken through revelation, in everyday communication result in increased spiritual experience as iron sharpens iron. Sometimes, it takes days for me to understand what the Spirit was speaking through an exchange of words. There is always the opportunity to exchange new understanding as the Spirit reveals. We were created to communicate spirit to spirit.  The spirit is always speaking. Studying Philippians as a body creates opportunity for meaningful communion using words to encourage each other. These words are life - in Jesus.

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