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I posted this in the prophetic council note as a reponse. I feel impressed to share it with everyone.


Ive been shook for the last two years and there are only two things left in me, 1. a helpless, weak, and cowardly man. 2. The Almighty creater of the universe who has found me in my weakness and has chosen to be mighty in me, in spite of me.  Until we are comfortable with seeing ourselves in the mirror of Gods grace, things will continue to shake. We speak of this encounter that is about to take place, the irony is that it is just like John. It's a new revelation of Christ in us. As the works of this flesh are shaken away it is sure to reveal that blessed hope of glory!

   Judgement starts first in the house of God. Thats us. One thing ive learned in the past two years is to embrase the shaking. It will violently rip away all of the religeous garb that we have been clothed in, yet its supprisingly gentle. I hear the call loud and clear. John wasnt only exiled on patmos. He was boiled in hot oil before hand and then exiled. That revelation came only when confidence in the flesh and its providence had been removed.

     It is no mistake that the prophecies that are being uttered here are grounded in the book of Hebrews. Not to long ago i was in a strong discussion over eternal security, or once save always saved. I will save that for another post. However, the main scripture that the professor quoted from was Hebrews 10. This prompted me to dig and what did it find? I found the enemy of revival hidden in the exhortation of Paul to the Jews concerning their continuence of temple sacrifices. It seems that the whole book was written to draw a line in the sand for the Jews. You can either have Christ and His sacrifice or you can continue to try and appease the law and suffer for it. One undeniable tone in Pauls writings to the established churches was in the form of warnings about falling away from the doctrine of grace through faith by attempting to be justified by old means of temple worship and sacrifice. I tell you that this type of religion is the enemy of Christ and His gospel. This is why Jesus went outside the camp. So that the veil would be torn as a testimony of His presence leaving. As pastor Jeff said ,at one of our Friday Night By The Fire meetings, the temple was a reflection of things to come. Well they came and from that point on, the temple was simply an image hence those who still worship by such are trapped in idolatry of the worst kind. The example is lucifer himself. It's said the the glory of God that reflected off of him lite up the heavens. Sounds awsome, but if you remove the glory, he's just an image and those to continued in that form of worship fell with him.

       The shaking is just another sign for the church to follow Christ outside of the camp. Those who worship their buildings will fall with them. Those who follow the Lord, the heat will be turned up, and these are not flames of judgement but of refining and will spread throughout the land! Then Christ in us will be caught up with Christ in the air only to return as one to reign with him forever. Amen!

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Comment by Deborah Neiberger on April 5, 2011 at 6:30am

That refining fire makes us more passionate for Jesus. 

"Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away."  Song 8:7


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