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NEW podcast published today by Alan Smith on the book of Romans!

The heart of Paul’s gospel is the revelation of Jesus himself. Paul does not want any recognition but always speaks of what Jesus has done through him. He is teaching that our total dependence is on God. It is never about us but what Christ does in us. He preaches the gospel and rejoices wherever he goes in his service to God. We can see just how far his preaching of the gospel was reaching by the thirty-three names mentioned in chapter 16.  He divides his writings to them in three parts; greetings to the brothers and sisters in Rome, a brief warning of phony Christians who were there in Rome, and greetings to the brothers who were with Paul as he wrote. Paul’s goal is for the people to be established in the gospel to be able to preach according to the revelation of the mystery of Jesus. It is by doing that all that has been written in the book of Romans will be seen in one’s life. Where the mystery is proclaimed there is life. In this teaching, Alan Smith uses scripture and insight to reveal Paul’s messages to the thirty-three people and show us what the mystery is.

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