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Today would have been my parent’s 63rd wedding anniversary if they were still alive and I am convinced that it is God’s intention for marriage and family life to serve as an expression his love to this world. Their marriage was full of joys, trials, excitement, pain, and many of the other experiences common to daily life. We went through many deep, difficult times as a family and though it felt at time that the challenges would never end but they did. Today I take time to ponder these valuable lives and reminisce the fragments of life that seem to have faded into the corridors of time.

Our family had many strengths and many dysfunctions just as any family has beginning with Adam and Eve, no family is perfect. This is part of our humanity and as we come into community, we learn to share, laugh, cry and come to a place of peace with our past although it is not without internal struggle.

God blesses my life beyond measure and continues to fill me with comfort and joy as I grieve through the loss of Mom just seven months ago. Mom was strong in so many ways, yet weak and confused in others but no less precious in life. Mom lived to 95 until advanced Alzheimer’s completely took over her mind and body. Dad passed away at the young age of 64 after suffering several strokes and I ponder the profound gifts and mysteries my parents left with me. This I know for sure, that God intentionally created families as a vital part of his plan and expression of love to humanity: Jesus the Son of God is returning for his bride (the church) this makes continually thankful.

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