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Kingdom Prophetic Society

Living beyond measure! It is our hope, purpose and destiny. Our norm in Jesus is measureless living. With blessings, giftedness, hope, joy, and peace without measure. All wrapped in a life of UN-measurable love!

Instead; do you catch yourself being guarded around 'certain' people? Imagining they will judge your reality by the smoke and mirrors they slyly present to you as truth. Tricking you to hold them in a undeserved esteem. The toll; a measured relational life!

Are you jaded by bruises to your soul that mercilessly assault your reality and spews a message of 'hate' on your hopes and dreams? Untreated, they become cancers that rob your 'beyond measure' potential.

Is your life 'measured' by an intellectual, legalistic dogma posing as a legitimate belief system? These illegitimate beliefs are blatantly opposed to an unmeasured faith driven by a New Heart that is bursting with the measureless love of Jesus!

Today; live a risky life that is fueled by a fresh, passionate, measureless love! Live beyond measure...Ron Ross


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