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Letter from my friend Michel in Haiti

Dear Brother Alan,

I am happy to report that the government authorities are relying a lot
on Eben-Ezer Mission for the reconstruction and the development of
Haiti. For over 42 years, Eben-Ezer has developped income generating
programs that help finance the humanitarian projects. We favour
self-sufficiency instead of hand-outs.

For years, we received no regular outside support from individuals or
organizations. We depended on revenues generated by activities that
met the needs of the people as well as being a source of financial
support. That model is now coveted by the local and national
authorities who are inviting us to give lectures in public gatherings,
consulting with us in making major decisions and entrusting us with
projects that will have an impact on the general public.

The city of Gonaïves has suffered from two major floods, one in 2004
and one in 2008 followed by the devastating earthquake in
Port-au-Prince. That earthquake caused a large number of people to
migrate from Port-au-Prince to the other cities, mainly Gonaives. All
that has led us to add an orphanage and a large vocational training
program to our list of institutions.

We have acquired well over 1000 acres of farming land that used to
feed all our people and part of the city of Gonaives, St Marc and
Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, our land was under water for a long
time and is just now recovering.

 Thanks to a church near Charlote and an individual in Asheville, NC,
a large portion of the property is now fenced in, we have been able to
bring irrigation water to where it is needed for the crops and we are
preparing the ditches in order to expand irrigation over more and more
land. In another month or two we should be back on our feet.

In the meantime, there is a severe hunger crisis all over Haiti. In
Gonaïves, people are running to us and we are in no position to help.
The sad thing is to see the children of our own orphanage going
hungry. The families around us are struggling to meet their basic
needs. We are praying for more start-up fund.

Anything invested in Eben-Ezer is invested in Haiti in general.

Michel Morisset
President of Eben-Ezer Mission

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