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Some years ago while my wife and I were fellowshiping at a local church here in Salisbury, I began to sense a pattern of ungodly leadership. I saw anointed men of God choking the life out of their congregation and calling it a move of the spirit.

I was then given a vision concerning this issue and it is as follows.

I saw a small band of worriors with ancient sheilds and swords, almost like out of a scene from Braveheart. A few hundred at the most. They were gathered together against an army of demonic soldiers that out numbered them 1000 to 1. A sea of wickedness. Spaced out in the midst of our worriors were captains on horseback, about six or seven of them. I could see the unease on the faces of some of the worriors but that quickly changed when the sound was given by the captains to charge and charge they did. Hitting the mass of demons so hard that it sent shock waves through this sea of sin. This inspired the men so that all fear left and they charged into battle. But this charge was short lived as the captains held them at bay. I couldnt help but notice how few demons where slain by the captains at a time and thinking that victory would be a more easily attained if everyone was fighting. They chose to win small personal battles instead of the war. It's almost as if they were saying," stand back a watch as we your mighty leaders do great things."

 Then I heard a voice say," get off of your high horses and lead from within." God began to show me that the enthusiasm of the worriors has been quenched by self absorbing leaders, who think that they are the means to victory instead of the body. Leaders lead from within and drive the masses onward by example, not by word only. In the end, the body does the warfare, the leaders lead from within and God Gets The GLORY!

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Comment by Justin Parker on April 4, 2011 at 3:26pm


Comment by Jill Behan on April 4, 2011 at 2:58pm

Good word.His Glory is going to fill the earth, not just a few vessels.



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