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written by Michael McBane

We finally as a nation have arrived at a pinnacle of sorts concerning the legislative demand for health care. It seems that only the elite who have no clear reference point can concede of this laws benefit in an over all way. Clearly, to have health care is not a negative but what has brought us to this point of divisive national decision? Only those who hold office and do not have to submit to these plans and regulations can say that it is good. And few have actually read the documents that were written to enact this sweeping demand for health care. It is filled with much that has little to do with health care.

As it stands now if I truly have to buy health insurance I cannot do so. An arrogant Senator said that folks like me should just decide what is important and budget for the health care premium that makes sense for me. So if I read between the lines, all those without means have succumbed to some sort of hand out from the government and now  have to pay up. Oh well not going to happen! Some of us have the courage to wait on God and let life fall into His arms. I in His grace will be counted among those, will you stand with me and others or? 

All that said, which is a collective swirl of negative weight as it applies to the condition of our nations moral, I will now depart from that perspective for I find that this juncture of time may be the place that gives us opportunity to turn to the the source of life without reservation. 

I believe that God in some ways has been waiting for a time when we cannot lean on our own understanding or turn to our own source of greatness or provision. He has been waiting for us to truly become weak and needy. Many voice such but in truth their back pockets are filled with possibilities and resources that we attribute to God but in truth have little to do with Him. Therefore we may timidly even boldly proclaim Him but we reach into the pocket that provides us the substance. We are neither dependent on God and certainly most do not value the resource of Christ in those they are meant to relate to enough to give it up for the life of another. In fact our culture has divided us so that we can not really relate to others with any substance so we do not value the life of Christ in others as we are meant to. The structures that we think hold life are fractionalizing us. It is impossible in the climate that most surround themselves with to establish life that has roots in sacrificial love. I submit to us the Book of Acts and ask is there not enough evidence there to say we have fallen far from where we should be as a culture?

In this Book alone we can travel through the mandates of living fully unto Christ. Consider Peter saying He must present to those who walk without the full understanding of Christ the whole Christ. Meaning my friends, this is Christ here is the whole truth and this is all He has given to us and why should we not seek to apprehend at all costs that which God has given to us. God has given to us in the life of His Son for us. I find that many do not have an awakened passion to even lay on their faces to say God I know this is You and I want to live in You. And I submit that passion is not mouthing a quick response and returning to the patterns that draw us away from living fully in Christ. If we are confronted and we stay longer then a casual introduction we are unraveled and every cell in us no longer responds to life as it was. We here can either dial into this circuit or deny it and it becomes dull.

At this juncture I must ask perhaps two questions but they are definitely woven in purpose. One being, do you really think that the life you live is the life God gave His life for you to live? Second being, do you think that God is delighted by how you relate to Him, in simplest terms and then in the apprehension of knowing Him and then walking fully into His heart at all costs. For any one to do that with absolute courage you must know Him in a manor that grabs you so hard that you are pulled from deep within. Perhaps like Peter when he denied Christ three times and each time the very hand of God squeezed his heart with a love that threw him against all reason. He then ran towards something he did not know and yet he had walked with Him for three years. Every day will bring us to the place of running towards a place in God that calls us but we do not know. He waits for us.

Now even if you respond to these questions positively you may feel totally incapable of connecting the switch. Like Clark Griswold attempting to connect the plug for the Christmas lights. It surges and disappears. In the mean time life is being rearranged. We are seeing differently and this had to be. Perhaps like Griswold we are waiting for the Christmas bonus and we feel as if the mail as been delayed. We put a good face on thinking of all manor of possibility that might be the reason for the delay. In the mean time we are diverted by well meaning opinions and misplaced affections but we will discover that collectively God had used even that which was meant to rob us to bless us with a gratefulness that can only be birthed through adverse circumstance. God is for us.

It is time to revisit abandoned life found only in Christ.

You see we can no longer afford to be good enough to pass through with some sort of camouflaged Christianity. We must desire that God be great among us and we therefore must step aside. Let me give an obscure example that perhaps enlarges this. U2’s Bono asked Quincy Jones how to make a great album. His answer was, you must wait on God, wait for him to walk in the room. This explains where we are at, we must wait for God to walk in the room we can not afford anything less. We can not afford to resurrect  the celebrity through ministries seeking to regain a popularity they once knew. They can say that the season has changed but the patterns have remained the same. It will not and cannot be the same. If it is for most life will be denied. They will be resigned to government health care. I know that God is willing and waiting to walk into the rooms of all of our lives, will we invite Him to do so and then let Him. As I have said before, He will not lease the room He will come fully only if He owns it.

What I speak of is an unknown language. I know it at times, only because I as many of you were born with it has part of my DNA, it resonates on a frequency that responds only to the true sound of God when He searches for one who will say yes.

God is all about universal health care. Body, mind soul and spirit. His blood is, it has not evaporated into history it is His story. His blood is the application that gives us the right to live fully in the life of Christ.  I cannot do it for any one and honestly I do not want to. In that way I do not have the strength to extend me. I tell you I must walk in the strength of Christ to be any thing to any one including myself.

I am not against Doctors but I know there is somebody that is willing to do it all for us. I have held out for this  for almost all of my life. I cannot go back. It is the Jesus I know that runs through my being. I am waiting for Him to walk into my room. I love community but I know that if I can bring life it will only matter if I bring it through Christ. That is health care. 

I pray for the full life of Christ to come to me and to you. Let His life be our health care do we have the courage, the faith to do so?

To walk  with the Lord in this way we must ask, we must pray. We must in odd ways co operate by at least subjecting a willing heart. We may lack understanding, wisdom even a desire rightly placed. But God does  look at our heart and He will create life around us to place us in  the middle of the greatest portion of His love that we can handle at any given moment.

Am I extreme I  just don’t know how to live any other way.

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