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Father's Kingdom Thought's-Ron Ross

Kingdom flow is more important at this moment in His-story than ever! His Kingdom heart must beat in the “cradle of civilization”- our hearts. He is so willing to open the eyes and ears of our hearts, so that we can be immersed in the flow of his Kingdom thoughts toward us. I invite you to dive headfirst into the flow of his passionate heart.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to give you an expected end (a future and a hope)” Jer. 29:11, KJV.

My dear children let me explain a few of the thoughts I am presently thinking toward you. Each of these thoughts I want you to meditate on in the season you are about to embark upon. They will be a source of peace in the coming turbulent times.

The time is complete. It is time for the release of who you truly are in my Kingdom. These thoughts are a small part of my plans to give you the future you have always hoped for-Your expected end.

First, it is the time of your unveiling. You have been shaped by difficulties, isolation, loneliness and testing’s—Now I am about to unveil and release you to the larger Body of Christ. You are now a highly trained Red Beret ‘special ops’ force for my Kingdom.

You will soon become a major stream, flowing into the “hose” I have released and appointed to extinguish the flames of hell that are presently burning the Godly foundations of family and true Kingdom culture. But, you must only focus on the true foundations of Kingdom Culture that will also be unveiled during this same season of worldwide Reformation.

It will be a reformation such as the world and Church has never before seen or experienced. Don’t become distracted by the collapse happening around you. The more the foundations and worldly systems shake with the spiritual earthquake of this coming Reformation, the more the hose of pure truth you will become.

Consider this prophetic picture which will help you see where you are: “consider being on a roller coaster, right before it reaches its highest apex—this is the last moment before you head down the highest drop and descent—you must totally release and abandon yourself, your family and ministry into my Sovereign care.” You must also become relationally connected just like the cars on a roller coaster. You will not be able to withstand the “G” (God infused DNA—Divine Nature Added) forces of the descent alone!

Hook tightly together before I take you as a Kingdom community on this coming drop into the abyss of my shaking. Also, never forget that you are running on the secure track of my passionate love. All that I have taught you in the closing season of preparation will also serve as a secure track on which to walk together as Kingdom community. “I am the one and only who holds all this together.” The “G” forces on the descent will feel insurmountable, but do not fear—“I will not let you go or forsake you as your sure security.”

Next, you will be in a season of release –stop trying to “become.” You already are in me! Behind much of today’s presentation of my Kingdom is a theology of “becoming.” It sounds like this and is a perversion of my Kingdom Gospel of Grace…Become more faithful, become more spiritual, and become a better_____. You fill in the blanks. What are you presently working on “becoming?” My true gospel calls you to live out of “who you are in my Son; not on who you are religiously working to become.”

As your loving and gracious Father, I am calling you in this Reformation to live from the depths of “releasing:” Releasing my goodness, power, potential and life from the deepest places of your heart. It is the assumption of the ‘already’ rather than…the ‘not-yet.’ Aren’t you already, on your worst day, Christ in___? You don’t have enough time to “work” at becoming some elusive, religious, pious self.  Settling on “who” you already are in the ID of my beloved Son, and getting out of the way (releasing) is my Kingdom strategy.

In this “Reformation of Relational Release and Revival,” I will baptize you into a fresh Empowerment of Love. Look for ‘relational revival’ all around you—in your relationship with me, yourself, in your marriage, family, and in your sphere of influence. I am baptizing into a “Relational Kingdom Community” that will be revealed to the church and the world systems around you.

What you possess relationally will be the “gold and currency” that will spend freely in this season of shaking and release. Treasure the relationships I have given you above all others. Focus on true and authentic Kingdom relationships; the ones that have been refined in the fires of my love. The coming release in this new Reformation will be known by relational purity. You have my relational stamp on your heart, soul and spirit.

Finally, the Release of Power and Kingdom position will be far beyond your expectations and imagination. You will only be empowered to contain this baptism and outpouring in the security of Christ and His Body.

A warning: don’t get sidetracked by the temptation to put out flames of religious or worldly systems. Remain pure in Kingdom pursuits only! Always immerse yourself in the flame retardant of my pure, unchanging, undying love for you and all you are connected to. Within the boundless parameters of my love is all you will ever need.

Remember, my love is the only thing that exceeds my message. The Cross is eternal proof of that. My love exceeds everything I ever said to Israel and the Bride I wooed and romance out of the Nations. My words in Noah’s time, in the times of Israel’s correction in Egypt, the wilderness and exile into Babylon are now exceeded by the word of my love in my Son and His Body.

You uniquely contain and embody my love for the downtrodden, outcast, alien, orphans, and the forgotten and forsaken. That is so very precious to me as a Father! In this Reformation allow your hearts to beat with the fire of my Passion. My passion contains the only flames that will consume the gross darkness of this coming time. As you enter this time, rest in the Passion of my love.

Your loving Heavenly Father…via Ron Ross



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