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Alan, You know that I am reluctant to write as I want to make sure that what I say is grounded.  Below is a summary of what I spoke of in the Philippines last week.  Please feel free to correct or add to the following writing on faith. 


Just as air is the breath of man on earth so is faith the breath of life for the Kingdom Man.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  This is not an admonition but a core truth; almost a clue.  Remember that when we die we will face judgement and see reality the way it truly is.  We will behold Him face to face.  There will be no need for faith after we are resurrected and in heaven.  There will be a time of praising God.  Praise in a sense will replace faith on earth, for we will continually be amazed at His glory and grandeur.  Praise in heaven will be as natural as breathing on earth.   

Faith is what opens the door of Kingdom life while on earth.  In fact it ushers in and advances God's Kingdom.  Peter's faith confession resulted in keys to the Kingdom.  We often work hard at ministry and making a difference on earth, yet God has set it up for us to move in faith.  Again, without faith it is impossible to please God.  Saved by faith to walk by faith.  Fight the good fight of faith. The name it and claim it "silly theology" should not keep us from stepping out in the core truth of faith.  Here are the fatih facts that we should lay hold of:

  1. Faith is in the unseen but it becomes real or solidified as we hope and believe  Hebs 11:1
  2. Faith calls into existence things before they are.  Ro 4:17  God spoke the world into existence, now His Spirit lives in us and we can join in this calling things into being!   We will give an account of every idle word because we are setting life into motion through our faith.  This is huge!  
  3. The time for faith is now, but our faith is not in the vain things of earth and flesh; but in releasing the Kingdom -Mt 16-18-19


As life on earth moves forward to a more intense ending point, we are told that Christ will return.  We are warned that there will be an anti or false Christ that will seek to deceive and harm many.  Unless our faith is solid we risk being mislead and anemic.  How difficult to remain faithful when it seems like instead of advancing God's Kingdom we feel as though we are losing  ground.  I am sure that is why Christ tells us to endure to the end.  But even more compelling is His reminder that He is coming back.  Our deliverer is coming therefore I keep enduring, yet as he says in Luke 18:8 will he find faith on earth when He returns.  I hope so...which is of course the first step of faith. Right!

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Comment by Doug Mayberry on April 5, 2011 at 10:34pm

Good stuff Marty, God Bless - Luv 2 The Family   Dougie

Comment by Alan Smith on April 5, 2011 at 9:20pm


Great job. I love it. Thanks keep them coming.



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