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Dearest Friends in Jesus,

I had a dream a couple of nights ago, and shared it on Facebook, and now feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to share it here, too.

I was in a very large church that had different sections of seating. The sanctuary was very dark, and I was looking for a spot to sit where I would feel most comfortable. Finally, I picked an alcove, which almost seemed like a separate room, and I sat down, in an attitude of waiting for things to get started. The windows of the area I was in were all covered with heavy, black drapes. Then, I was suddenly in a different spot, a bit closer to the platform, but still with the congregation. The darkness of the sanctuary made it feel more like a theatre than a church, but I was definitely in church.

Suddenly, someone went to the windows, and started opening the drapes. The windows were huge, and light started flooding into the room. I began weeping, almost uncontrollably, and began a mixture of praying and praising God that the light was coming in. I saw someone look at me sideways with consternation, as if to say, "How very odd that someone in the congregation would have the audacity to be so verbal!!" It seemed to be understood they had a program from the platform and that was the way in which they operated, and everyone was to wait for the program to start.

But, then others in the congregation also started weeping, and praising God, as if they had been shut up for a long time, and now were able to finally express what they were feeling within themselves.  I only wish I could tell it like I saw it, and felt it in my dream.

Then, I got up, and returned to the seat I was originally in, and just watched as curtains were being drawn back, and more of the daylight was allowed into the room.

I am disappointed to report that it was not the daylight of a bright sunshiney day, but a rather cloudy day. However, it was a better than the darkness, and it gave God's people hope.

One thing I also knew in my "knower" in this dream was that the man who started pulling back all the drapes to bring in the light was someone who had authority to do so. He carried himself with the bearing of someone who had been commissioned to open the curtains. And some others looked on, suprised by his actions, but there was a sense that no one dare stop him.

Holy Father in Heaven, please bring this dream to pass, in Jesus Name, Amen and AMEN!!!

..  but it shall come to pass that at evening time, it shall be light. Zechariah 14:7b

Always in the Love of Jesus,

Clo DiPilato

Windsor's Little Sanctuary

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