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When I began this Christian journey, I thought that each day I would grow and grow until I was truly a good and righteous man.  I thought that each time I looked inside of my heart there would be less to deal with because righteousness was coming upon me.  I thought that my growth would be, “to be more like Jesus”.  I thought that maybe I would grow into a spiritual giant.  If I am to be honest with God and myself, it is obvious that this is not the case.


While on this journey, I have been walking closer each day to “the light”.  The light is getting brighter, the closer I get to Him.  The revelations from His Word are unveiled and I think I am getting spiritually smarter; but I have encountered a problem.  The problem is that the closer to the light I get, the more of me I see.  The view from my perspective is that the evidence of my life this day will condemn me from meeting the perfection, or from making the righteous mark.  When I take an honest inventory of my life each day, I am more convinced that it will take His righteousness and His grace for me to make the grade.


I have discovered in this walk of Christianity that it is not about me being perfect, but about being truthful and honest: honest with myself and honest with God.  I cannot pull off perfection; but I can walk in truthfulness and honesty.  I may not be more righteous and perfect, but I am more in love with my Savior.  The closer to the light I get, the more of me I see; the view from here seems sad but the truth shall set me free.   The longer I live the more I need a Savior.  Could it be that our growth will be in the area of love and not perfection?


Just a thought for today,


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Comment by cheryl baehr on April 14, 2011 at 8:24pm
And Humility, I might add! Good word!


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