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Perceptions: Changed from Glory to Glory

By: Alan Smith

·         2 Cor. 3:18: But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory , even as by the Spirit of the Lord. (KJV)

What a perception: changed into the image of Jesus which produces a reflection of glory!  Not only that, but you can also see the glory intensify as you change.  It is so exciting to know that you are becoming “glory” unto God.  Let’s do it, God; let us become this “glory”!  You will become what you think upon, so you must think upon the “glory” of God if you want to become this “glory”.  Do not think upon the crises or chaos of this world, for it is all passing away.  Do not be a professional Devil watcher, for he is a defeated foe.  Instead, become a “glory” watcher and be changed by the power of being in the “glory”.


It doesn’t matter how horrible things may appear to be, you must use your “will” to discipline your thinking into the image of “glory”.  This image is not a competitive one, but rather a creative one.  Pursue and give your attention unto the “glory”, because it will last for eternity.  Others will look at you and say, “I don’t know what he or she has, but I want it.”  You do not have to compete with the dark world and force “your will” upon anyone.  When you force your “own will” upon another, it is an act of competitiveness, even if it is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You can say, “But you need Jesus.”  This is a true statement, but you are to live unto it and not force it upon others.  When you live unto “Him”, others will be drawn unto “Him”.  When you are being competitive in the spiritual world, you are struggling to have “power” over these powers.  You must rise above this competitive battle and be creative with God.  You must not lower the Kingdom of God to the standards of competitive man.  Jesus came to bring “glory” unto the world through creative man.  You are being creative when you are being changed from “glory” to “glory”.


God has given man a “will”.  This “will” was created to be a good thing and not a bad thing.  Your will was created for your good, but it can be used upon others for control and manipulation.  Your “will” is the “power” within your soul for change.  This change is to be made upon yourself and not upon others.  The “will” of a man or woman is the most powerful tool known.  Your choices of life are determined by your “will”; your perceptions of life are empowered by your “will”; and your future is created by your “will”.  When you use your “will” upon your own behavior, it will be creative.  However, when you use it upon others, it will be competitive and controlling.  This will cause you to enter into competition with the one upon whom you are projecting your own “will”, then to find that they have rejected it.


Have you ever wanted something for someone only to find out they did not want what you wanted for them?  This is an example of “will” projection.  This behavior seems to be loving and caring, but in reality it is controlling and manipulative on your part. In your conscious mind you are caring, but your subconscious mind has a hidden motive.  The motive may be a good one, but it is “will” projection just the same.  This unhealthy projection will always produce a “rejected” feeling in the one that is “projecting” his or her “will” upon others, often causing frustration and even depression.  On the other hand, spiritual “glory” is only possible to those who rise above soulish “will” projection onto others.  You must rise above this competitive battle for control and direct your passions toward heaven.  It is not necessary to “compete” with anyone, for you were made to “create”!  Set your “will” on a higher plane and experience the Kingdom of God being created in your very soul.


Some people remain in soulish “will” projection because they are not willing to project their own “will” onto themselves for change.  As long as you are trying to change others, you are not allowing yourself to be changed from “glory” to “glory”.  It is this “glory” that others will want to follow and receive, not your soulish “will” upon them.  People are looking for the “glory” to follow.  They will look for it in actors, rock stars, basketball stars, and other famous people.  People want to be close to these famous people because they think they carry the “glory”.  They do carry the glory of man but not the “glory” of the Kingdom of God.  This “glory” can only be obtained by you if you “will” it on your own soul.  You must be willing to engage your “will” upon yourself and resist the temptation of using it on others.  When you project it upon others, the “power” that is to be used to change you has now been spent on trying to change others.  You must learn to trust God with others, for they have their own God given “will” to change themselves.  If you really want to do something for the whole world, be willing to be filled with this “glory”.  The world is looking for examples of this “glory”.  They are not looking for perfect people, but instead, people who are “willing” to be changed from “glory” to “glory”.  It is this rich “glory” that the world is looking for and it is the “hope” of heaven.

  • Col. 1:27: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the “glory” of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the “hope of glory” (KJV)


The Bible gives us the principles of this spiritual science of going from “glory to glory”.  To live in the “glory” is the shortest point between the two distances of earth and heaven.  We “go” by being “changed”: changed into an image that can experience but not be consumed by the “glory”.  The “glory of man” will ultimately destroy man, but the “glory” of God will ultimately preserve man for eternity.  You do not need to look for another “glory”, for there is no other that will satisfy.




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