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Blind Beggar. Pastor Isaac S Mwagi, Kenya

Hello Friends!
This was my sermon Today in the Church!
Luke 18vs 35-42.
This is the story of the beggar who was blind.I was Blessed to preach this sermon as it ministered to my heart.
1.The begger's name is not mentioned and this shows this was just a beggar whose name  was not even known..Jesus is graciuos and loving He came for all including those who are not known.
2.When this Beggar realized that it was Jesus Passing he shouted'' Son of David have mercy on me''.And the crowd tried to rebuke and stop him.But he persisted more.Let call upon the name of the Lord Jesus in our difficulty situations.
3.Let not the crowd rebuke nor discourage you.In what we want to do there are some discourage-rs on the way but continue calling more for the name of the Lord.
4.Be specific to your God Lord on your need.Jesus asked the blind what do u want and he replied i want to have my sight.The Begger was specific and therefore let us be specific to our Yahweh.
5.The beggar was instantly healed.Our Lord is ready to do instantly to us when we call him by faith.

There are many points in this passage but i narrowed down to this but i felt the Power of the Holy Spirit on and it was a powerful sermon.
Thanks and Blessings!
Pastor Isaac S Mwagi,
All nations Gospel Church-Pefa,
P.o Box 20117-986,
Tel.+254 722 962196

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Comment by James Ronald Ross on March 7, 2011 at 12:20pm
Thank you Pastor Mwagi...That is a great reminder of our Lord's unconditional love, even the aspects of our lives that are not unlike the "beggar" in this story! Papa's best, Ron Ross


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