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Environment of Servanthood

Environment of Servanthood

It may be hard to believe but we were created out of the loneliness God felt. God wanted to create Himself a companion; a being that would reflect His love back to Him that He might experience true, pure love Himself. Out of the earth, He created man. Then man fell into temptation…


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Still doesn't feel right...could it be witchcraft?

Things still do not feel right to me. It seems to me that the spiritual atmosphere of our country is so negative that it is creating a dark greenhouse effect that is breeding and growing every horde of hell. With the negative comments and attitudes that our elections are creating to the moral decay of our country hell seems to be on the move.  It is with this in mind that I summit the following article on what I believe is one of the major unholy perceptions that…


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How to Test Prophecy

How to Test Prophecy

By: Alan Smith

Many have asked me, “How do I know if a prophecy is from God?”  Also I have been asked about the prophesy and prayer in LA, the AzusaNow.  My reply is as follows: we must first consider scripture.

1 Corinthians 14:3-4: But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification,…


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Today the Holy Spirit invades LA

Today is the day that God invades LA. If you would like to watch this historic event you made do so by clicking the link below. It begins this morning at 7 am and continues until tonight at 10:30 pm. Let us be in much prayer for this event.   Alan


There are times which Scripture describes as "full" — periods of unusual ripeness in which God unleashes His prophetic purpose across…


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Everything just does not feel right.

For about a month now I have had this feeling that everything just does not feel right. I am not sure what I am really trying to say but things are just crazy. People everywhere it seems are disconnected with reality. Society is in an upheaval of discontentment, entitlement mentality, selfishness at an all time high. I am praying for God to come and shake us all up. Shake us upside down, sideways and in and out.  I believe and pray that when our praise…


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