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An excerpt from a project of mine/link 2 book

thanks for the Word of encouragement, insight and wisdom, Mr.Smith

Truth in Process


Truth is often found in the tension between two facts that seem to contradict each other.  Seldom is the black verses white conventional and commonly accepted version the whole truth. 

It is a fact that God made the world, called it good and loves the world especially all the people.  It is a fact that the world can be a pretty miserable place sometimes and it is a…


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This is fun-who would of thought? Evangelism 101

“Much to my chagrin, God invaded my life in a personal way. I tried to ignore it, tried to run away from it. I even thought something was wrong with me—that I was going through some weird phase,” Powers told me. “But over time it became clear that a relationship with God wasn’t a choice. It was just real.”

One reason people in Washington aren’t…


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A Free Book From A Best Selling Author

This author, his home page and his stuff on youtube must be considered.

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Is the romance between the GOP & the evangelical right really over?

In response to a question about an opinion in his new book Jeb Bush responds:

Asked to explain the about-face, Bush blamed the shifting political sands. “We wrote this last year,” he said.



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Who is Pastor Joshua DuBois and why haven't we heard more about him? Nefarious!?

Anti-Christ even?


Not Really.


I did not know this......hmmmmmm.

Oh, and I will buy dinner for the first person who provides the scripture using the word anti-Christ in the…


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In Revelation it says this will happen!

This is Revelation eighteen verses three and four. 


I don't actually mean to say that these specific issues were on the mind of John the Revelator when he wrote his prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem which happened in AD 70 however there is a principle established that the Church, or the Israel of this age, would do well to learn.

Saying the book of Revelation predicts something is just such an awesome attention getter-just ask Tim LaHaye and Jerry…


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This is a commercial announcement, just saying

that kindle thing is pretty kewl :)


PeaceLove&GoodHappinessStuff, David



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A serious question for theologians and philosophers.

Will all be made alive in Christ before or after everyone submits to the Lord God and swears allegiance to Him?

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What is the Big Idea?

What is the big idea?

The big idea is that God really, really loves all of creation, everything that was made and continues to evolve, including and especially people.  Jesus, who is a part of God, made himself as a man so that he could fully experience what life is like for human beings and demonstrate how a human being could radiate the essence of God through their words and actions.  Doing this got Jesus killed by men influenced by the god of this age.  Jesus was…


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The Real Media Bias-Important Info for Every Christian

These are excerpts from a CNN special report and are probably realistic numbers-Nate Silver numbers not Karl Rove numbers, for example.


Begin quote: Over the past two decades, what have the U.S. trends been for the following important measures of social health: high school dropout rates, college enrollment, juvenile crime, drunken driving, traffic deaths, infant mortality, life expectancy, per capita gasoline consumption, workplace…


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A Positive Solutuion-Intentional Community

The phrase that captures the premise of this book is that church one goes to just isn't enough or simply isn't 'it.'

Be Blessed

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!Christians Rejoice!-last word from me to Bishop E.W. Jackson

The canidate who denies the diety of Jesus Christ, is complicite with the greed, power, control franchise of the global 1%ers (read anti-Kingdom of God) and denies the soveriegn, all knowing nature of Father God lost the presidential election.

Is there a more important agenda?

Oh, and the guy who did win is very…


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Fox ?News? says!

According to studies Fox news viewers are less informed about current events than people who do not watch the news at all.



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Moral case for who?

Then there is the fact that the good folks of Christendom are being used by people with an anti-Kingdom agenda by pretending to support their brand of social conservatism.  They don't want to make abortion illegal.  They want to keep it an issue that herds people to the voting booth with…


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