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This is fun-who would of thought? Evangelism 101

“Much to my chagrin, God invaded my life in a personal way. I tried to ignore it, tried to run away from it. I even thought something was wrong with me—that I was going through some weird phase,” Powers told me. “But over time it became clear that a relationship with God wasn’t a choice. It was just real.”

One reason people in Washington aren’t…


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Confidence = Courage


Confidence = Courage…


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Re-establishing the Tabernacle of David

The Church in the 21st Century

As we look at what has happened in the Church over the past 2,000 years, we can see that in many ways the world has invaded our lifestyles and softened the gospel of Jesus. For the most part, it has turned the church that was birthed in the midst the of burning flames of revival into buildings full of slumbering, sleeping saints. Jesus spoke of our day in the parable of the “10 Bridesmaids” in Matthew…


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Before you follow

Before You Follow ....

written by Michael McBane

Follow Me. When Jesus said this He began to change the world. The horizon of life suddenly expanded. Let us look at the landscape surrounding these words? Jesus never demanded anything except that they follow Him as He called out to HIs disciples. They heard, they were smitten they dropped everything and they obeyed and or they followed. Did they have to change before they followed Him? NO.…


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Hearing again, the call of heaven

Hearing Again, the Call of Heaven

written by Michael McBane

Galatians 4 :19, “My children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you.”

The killing field of so many who began in the spirit is information about God that is gained in books or messages. Is there wisdom in such? Yes but it will never sustain us. Many are informed and they believe this is revelation. It is not it is information about God.

What does God say about who He is? Who does He…


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For His Names Sake

For His Names Sake

written by Michael McBane

To comprehend God with greater understanding one must consider why the word of God so often states that God for His names sake will. Consider how many in the Bible prayed Lord for Your names sake. These words, ‘for His names sake’ offer a very interesting equation. One that I am shallow in understanding fully but I never the less am intrigued by the volume attainable in the sum of its expansion. Our examination will yield an… Continue

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the elements of grace

The Elements of Grace

written by Michael McBane

I must rearrange this title, and say some elements of grace for I found that as I began to write that I could write and write on grace. my life I have know a handful of people who exuded what I have called grace. Their manor carried it, they wore it like a garment but it was never proclaimed it was pronounced in who they were and what they revealed or brought into a room. Like a fragrance that was noticed but not…


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A New Jesus Movement, by Ron Ross

   Ron Ross

Come and join Ron as he…

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Philippians Lesson 3 Paul, Jesus Christ and You

Alan Smith

This weeks lesson is about a man that would dare to write, "Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us". His name is Paul and his example is one of having joy during hardships and imprisonment. We will be using study material purchased from …


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Force Your Way into the Place of Secrets

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets." (Beethoven) Embrace and practice the same with the art of life in Christ—force your way into its secrets! There is a world of difference in the tension between a passive profession of Jesus and “taking the life of Christ and his Kingdom by force.”…


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Spiritual Trauma

Spiritual Trauma

written by Michael McBane

Life, is unfortunately filled with trauma. It can be described in various ways. We all have had the crashes of life come falling upon us. It is never easy. Some trauma comes upon us and we can bring it upon ourselves. I here am going to take only a few aspects of trauma that we as Christians are confronted with. I hope to show a path to redemption.

Had I not been stirred from my sleep on a recent night with what I write here I…


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Alignment With Jesus

I woke up from a dream at 5:55 the other Sunday morning - 5 is the number of grace so it seems that if grace is mentioned three times, then the dream I woke up from is very important.

In the dream I walked into the Prayer Room at the Yalta Prayer Base in Ukraine (a place we've ministered in a number of times) and I could see that there was no band at the front; instead, Jesus stood there in front of the chairs but not on the stage. The band was lined up behind him - all…


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Preach Jesus

Preach Jesus with your life and use words only if your life fails to communicate it.


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A society or a community, the difference

A Society or a Community, the difference.

written by Michael McBane

It increasingly becomes apparent to me as I continue in this Christian life that God gives what He demands. What He gives is revealed by example it may be a reflection of scripture never the less it is revealed. In this subject I ask us to consider the Trinity and the interactive relationship and its eternally reaching implications in how we should interpret life. In…


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