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Thorny Hand

I was in the driveway of my grandparents’ house holding a meal.  I suddenly realized that I couldn’t remember where I was supposed to take it.  I tried and tried to recall the voice giving the instruction.  I heard my dad’s voice say, “Take it to the VanRokel’s” (a neighbor).  I also heard and saw a church friend saying, “Please come help my family”.  I was then putting the food into the back of my red, compact car, which already had a lot of stuff packed neatly in the back.  In addition to the food, I was trying to put in a red rose with a very long stem.  The stem was so long, it wouldn’t fit in my car.  Around me, I heard voices of people indicating danger.  I knew I needed to get back inside for my safety and for my children.  I no longer had time to be careful with the rose.  I chose to grab the stem and cram it in the car, and worry about the thorns later.  I pulled my right hand back and saw hundreds of tiny black thorns.  I tried to pick a few out, and decided that it would have to wait until I got inside.  Once inside, I looked at my right hand again.  This time, I saw huge, smooth things that looked like corn seeds embedded in my hand.  They did not hurt at all coming out.  I removed 1 or 2 then woke up.


Tonya Cone


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