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Could anyone help me with a dream that my son had? 


In his words.....

"I had a dream about a guy at work.  He was being crucified for something that he had done.  2 ravens landed on his shoulders and plucked his eyes out.  People ran in fear.  I wanted to help but was scared.  It was all in black and white except the ravens were purple, a dark purple with an oily gloss to them."


Thank you!

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Not sure, but will believe Papa to give you interpretation...Blessings, Ron

Most often dreams are insights. Insights are for the purpose of redemption. Josephs interpreting dream was in that plan for Gods purpose of redemption. When we see something about someone, oftentimes we are quick to judge only by what appears. Gods plan is redeeming. The dream is firsthand a seeing for a saving, a redeeming. Let us not only pray for interpretation but for 'a saving, a redeeming, of this mans spirit, soul, body and mind, in Christ. 'Holy Spirit would you come and invade the sphere of the dream and our understanding, that your divine purpose may be fulfilled completely in this mans life and in those that have has the vision/dream. Lord save and deliver. we receive your Full sacrifice on our behalf for all our sin.' Immense blessing in Christ to you and him.


Please give me the first name of the guy at work as it could be relevant to the meaning of the dream. If it isn't, his job description, what stands out about him, or what his relationship to you is could hold a key to unlocking this parabolic riddle.


His name is Mark, general labor

I don't know the style of gifting your son has or what types of dreams he has had before. I know nothing about him personally either, of course.

Therefore, may I suggest that your son explore the possiblity that the dream may be intrinsic rather than extrinsic, that it may not be about this fellow worker at all. In this case, the dream would a warning dream from the Lord intercepting your son at an intersection in life. The symbolism when put together says: there are two roads in your situation to choose between- war or peace. Choose peace, for battle will lead to destruction. If the dream is intrinsic, he should explore possibilities as to what situation in his life it might apply to.

Yes, I am getting a witness to this.  My son has been very confused about spiritual things.  I do believe he is destined in the prophetic and has an evangelist gifting also.

Hi I am Marilyn and these are a few thoughts that you can ask the Lord if this is on target for this dream.  You and your son are in the place of intercession for this guys, since the Lord has shown you the plan of the enemy for him. He may have done something wrong that has opened the door for the enemy to rule him (govt. on his shoulder), with the counterfeit of the holy royal purple and anointing oil of the Spirit; he is being ruled by the unholy. God has shown you the enemy wants to crucify him and you can intercede and declare the govt. and purposes of God rule in him. Prayer that mercy would triumph over judgment! Blessings to you........

I also need help with dreams.  I am not looking for an interpretation, but some general advice, if the Lord gives you anything.  I have been having 1 -10 dreams a night for the last few months and wake up several times in the night to write them down or pray through them.  It is overwhelming.  I don't know what to do with all of them and sometimes I am just too tired to get up and search scriptures and God's heart for an interpretation.  But I do not want to disobey or be lazy or miss out on an opportunity to pray through something.  Some dreams are personal, others are about family or friends or the church or nations.  Some of them the Lord hasn't told me what they mean, but the dream itself was an assignment.  The Lord has always given me dreams, but lately He is pouring them out and I just don't know what to do with all of them.

Check out

It's a has free resources for Christian dreamers including dictionaries and many articles on aspects of understanding dreams.

Thank you so much. I have been looking for a site that may help me.

Had an immediate impression: The Lord searches the Earth to and fro for someone for a heart after His. Sometimes we are given extra talents because of those who have not handled well what was theirs in the first place. 'We ask for wisdom and understanding, oh God. We also ask that You would raise up those who would help to steward Your abundant Mysteries and great grace to handle that which you have lavished upon us through Your favor, drive, and agenda, to complete your purposes in Earth, as in Heaven, in Christ.' As He shows you dreams, stand in agreement with Him, through His Holy Spirit, for His will to be done.

Praise the Lord!  I almost didn't post that because I don't want advice: I want the Lord's wisdom and His heart.   Yes, praise God.  I will stand in agreement.  Forgive me Lord for making it complicated!  All I must do is agree with You! 



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