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Have been realizing that there has been an element of fear in my heart regarding correction.  The Lord grants me to laugh even in the midst of looking deeply into what He is changing in my heart...that is probably a key to getting past the fear.  So as I read in Proverbs: Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, I find myself in complete agreement.  Then as I read on: But he who hates reproof is stupid, I have to acknowledge that being stupid is not my goal! lol How much easier it is to look at truth when His love is in the midst of His Word.  I can feel it with every word written. So I look at what I have been thinking about...again I am reminded that meditating on His Word is life giving...even as soaking in His Presence engulfs one in peace, or rather, shalom (meaning, to bring to wholeness what was broken).

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For way to much of my journey I spent to much time "stuck on stupid".

Since I just read, "he that hates reproof is stupid", I heartily accept your correction, James Ronald Ross.

Dear sister the correction was for me. If Holy Spirit speaks to you/others; I am certain without doubt from my own experience it will result in much freedom.



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