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This dream was dreamt on 6-21-09.  I dreamt my husband and I were walking out the door to go outside and the sky was different.  The clouds were very low as if you could almost touch them.  The clouds were in the shapes of symbols.  There was something uniform about them too.  There were probably 5-7 different symbols, but I can only remember 2 of them.  The symbols were made out of clouds, which formed spouts at the bottoms of them like a tornado just beginning to form.  


The 1st symbol I remember was in the shape of a backward C with a dot or decimal in the center of the C.  The 2nd symbol I saw was set off to the left, by itself, and was also the biggest symbol.  Although, I can't remember what the symbol was (I think it was a target like you would see when you shoot arrows - circles inside of circles)....just that it was the biggest one and set apart from the others.


The symbols were directly above us.  I started yelling "this is exactly what I saw in my dream.  It's time come on".  (because I've had several tornado dreams in the past).  I said this 3 times.  We grabbed the kids, ran back inside to a house that had already started shaking.  I remembered all 5 of us gathering down on the bathroom floor and holding each other very tightly.  While we were bracing for the tornado to hit.  I remember having my eyes sqwinched shut and feeling a cool breeze blowing in my face.  Not a hard wind, but a gentle one.  The alarm clock woke me up at 6:30am.


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I believe this dream is good and encouraging you to look up... the clouds are coming with order... the clouds many times represent the cloud of witnesses that a around us, those believers who have gone to heaven before us. I believe that our bloodline and spiritual heritage can look in on our lives and witness the fruit of their seeds planted.. (Hebrews 12:1-3) The tornado show you that this is coming to touch earth very soon...

There will be a little fear that comes with change such as this... let it be the fear of God. The Angels usually say, "fear not..." easier said than done but I encourage you to take courage.

The Lord is speaking to you in your dreams and is going to confirm this in the natural. You gathered your family in the bathroom (usually picturing repentance... the best place to prepare for what is coming) and felt a gentle breeze (usually revealing the presence of angels to help you... they are referred to as His winds.. Hebrews 1...

Blessings and I hope some of this helps... if not just chunk it out...

Steve Scroggs



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