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 Hi Alan asked us to write down a word each day that God would give us. I have taken the words that I was gotten from the Lord each day since Sept. 1, 2010 -thru-March 8, 2011 and kept them in order as I got them. THe Lord had me put them into a sentence form.  Here are my sentences. The underlined words are the words that God gave me each day. Neat Stuff from the Lord!!


Week #1 I will Guide all able men who is called my beloved to much comfort. Ask for larger.

Week #2 Proclaim , Sound the alarm forward, I (the Lord) , Promise to be under control. It is my mercy and Grace.

Week #3 Declared my love. Find it. Allow it highly this day. Fade away in my presence.

Week #4 My love will over shadow in victory . Deep I go. Sound an alarm . Honor is flying.

Week #5 Productive . Cast thy burdens and be still. Fall , glory design for intercessors.

Week #6 The Project of righteous has brought new grace standing. Mysteries become twins. Come & Taste of this birth.

Week # 7 Prepare document with zeal. Standing still. Catch the spirit . It is a season that matters.

Week #8 Involved. Fell marvelous . Compass fresh desire. Remove cobwebs.

Week #9 The Ground is protected. Peace to the servant. Later baskets will bring substance.

Week #10 The tabernacle handiwork bring forth secret changing. Oneness appointed.

Week# 11 You do , men agree. Door open. Speech heard, Flesh raised and turning away.

Week # 12 Spices assemble, Turn and watch another better. Splash

Week #13 Open , New emergency refuge. Transition not alone . Separating another Day.

Week #14 Give the dance of victory. Not to be pre-occupied but partnering . Let your yea be yea, and nay be nay. Already there. Little is much in a building program.

Week # 15 Perfectness caused dream like never before. Provisions change in motions are increasing.

Week # 16 Volume re-established increasing me . Declare. Look bright future . My Timing.

Week #17 Speech , we are one. I am everything . Enjoy a deeper presence. I am under control.

Week #18 Prepare surface framed , commitment unto me. Slow revival brings bigger picture.

Week #19 Magnificent minding . The journey is through the ceiling. Revelation well. Grace in unity.

Week #20 Cast off, and have satisfaction. It is straight not turning. Assured , Watch the light.

Week #21 A ½ truth is not the TRUTH. Bluebirds come to a secret place. Blink it’s that quick. Blank thoughts are for a accepted time.

Week # 22 The Journey, gird changed. Speaking chosen transformation . Honoring.

Week # 23 Spirit hid, clarity renewing future. Style acceptable.

Week # 24 Courtship is closer. Piece searching . Whole. See it , Study.

Week #25 Anointed , Obstacles-rearranged has build up rain-minder life back desires comes from behind the scenes.

Week # 26 Dwell in my Presence. Rise , Reining before you is a Vertical Oasis. Rest .. Final !! Flying lessons soon.

Week #27 The Treasure is press into the prophetess and the foundation shall seek unity and will cause an wake in your spirit.

The Force Of Eternal Will
Philippians 2:13
Jeannie Deal

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