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About a week ago I got a call from a friend, Pattie, that had a dream about my husband and me.  This is the dream:

She saw my husband, Joel, standing behind a van.  The back doors were open wide, and He had headphones on, plugged into something in the van.

Behind the van was a four door car, with all the doors open.

Joel was frustrated because he wasn’t hearing anything from the head phones … but Pattie heard the music in the air.  She then noticed that I was sitting in the driver’s seat in the van.  I was turned around, trying to tell Joel that the sounds of  Heaven was in the air, but he couldn’t hear because of the head phones.

Then she woke up.

As soon as she told me the dream, I knew it wasn’t just for Joel and me.  The Lord showed me that Joel represented musicians, and I represented the prophetic.  Then God began to reveal the rest of the dream to me.


  1. You spend too much time listening to things in the natural … you’re not hearing things in the Spirit.
  2. There is a sound from Heaven that is in the air that you need to tune in to.
  3. You can be “plugged in” and still not hear the prophetic voice that is trying to direct you, and help you hear this sound of Heaven.
  4. This year there are open doors all around you!  Not only open doors for you to walk through, but open doors for people to hear your music.
May we all have ears to hear the things of God … Now go and walk through those open doors!

About Kay Helton

Kay “K” Bateman Helton is no stranger to ministering to people where they are. Age and spiritual knowledge “hindrances” have never been a challenge for her. . Whether it be as the founder of Genesis II Christian Club, over the airways of Christian Radio or an outdoor Christian Festival … those were foundations that have propelled Kay to see that if you truly desire to change the world, change a generation. Kay has served as the Children’s Pastor at The River Church in Cornelius, NC, and is Marketing Director for Kidzablaze Ministries International, Concord, NC, and is also a Co-founder of School of the Spirit Conference, Charlotte, NC. Kay and her wonderful husband, Joel, reside in Mooresville, NC.

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