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   i was walking towards my front door praying in tongues [ i walk praying from living room through hallway and back daily] my neighbour was knocking on the door. at the same time i could see him in my minds eye as well as looking at the door. he came to the Lord a couple of years ago. as i looked at the door i saw in the lower left panel of the door a hole like a letter box turned on it's side with no flap. through this i saw he had a pair of binoculars hanging from a strap in his right hand

i tried to open the door but something kept pulling it shut on me, i pulled it open and he came in.

he stood in the hallway and put a clock on the wall which lit up for three seconds. {  i noticed that he was big-which he is in real life about 6" ] reached up and shook the clock a few times to make it light up again, which didn't  work. i looked at the clock which said 12.30  wether  it was dark outside or light  didn't register, i think it was light. hello, by the way

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